Test your knowledge of the Downtown

Downtown, or the City Center, is 1.7 square mile area in the heart of Greater Mankato. It includes the Belgrade commercial corridor in Lower North Mankato and spans multiple blocks along either side of Riverfront Drive from Madison Avenue to CHS in Mankato. It includes multiple neighborhoods like “Old Town”, “Washington Park” and “Sibley Park” to name just a few.

The downtown is part of the history of the community.  That history creates unique ties for patrons. Additionally, residents and visitors know they can get a great meal and catch some top notch entertainment on any weekend in this bustling place. Outside of history and an excuse to get a baby sitter, what else do you know about the City Center?

Test your knowledge with some “Fast Facts” below … scroll to the bottom for answers.
1. How many people live in the City Center?

  • A.)  2,553
  • B.)  4,821
  • C.)  6,863
  • D.)  9,798

2.  What is the median age of residents in the City Center?

  • A.)  22.8
  • B.)  28.4
  • C.)  32.4
  • D.)  38.5

3. How many housing units are in the City Center?

  • A.)  447
  • B.)  1,087
  • C.)  3,477
  • D.)  6,051

4. What percentage of the housing units are “Renter Occupied” (not “Owner Occupied”)

  • A.)  25%
  • B.)  49%
  • C.)  60%
  • D.)  75%

5. What is the estimated annual convention attendance in the City Center?

  • A.)  75,000
  • B.)  125,000
  • C.)  250,000
  • D.)  350,000

6. How many hotel guest rooms are in the City Center?

  • A.)  88
  • B.)  147
  • C.)  269
  • D.)  301

7. How many public parking spaces are in the City Center?

  • A.)  251
  • B.)  554
  • C.)  1,255
  • D.)  2,520

8. What is the estimated worth of the rotating public art displayed in City Center since it’s inception in 2011?

  • A.)  $150,000
  • B.)  $366,000
  • C.)  $1,500,000
  • D.)  $8,800,000


Answers Below …


  1. C — Nearly 7,000 people call City Center home, with many more coming downtown for work.
  2. B — The median age of the City Center (28.4) is younger than the metropolitan area (32.4) or the even larger trade area (38.5).
  3. C — There are 3,477 residences in the City Center including single family homes, multifamily buildings, and high-rise apartments.
  4. C — 60% of the housing is currently being rented.
  5. D — 350,000 people attend conventions, stay in hotels, and eat at restaurants in the City Center … with many more attending other events like concerts.
  6. C — 269 hotel rooms are available in the City Center.
  7. D — You have the option of 2,520 parking stalls downtown
  8. C — There has been an estimated $1.5 million worth of sculptures loaned to display downtown.


So how many did you get right?


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