Ways to Attract & Keep Employees

Browsing through the Star Tribune’s website today, I found a little nugget that I thought would be appropriate to share — after all, sharing is caring. Of the Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces of 2017, some of the firms that scored highest in talent retention shared their tips for doing so. The tips range from “Be Nice” to “FREE BEER”! Us Minnesotans should have the be nice part down, right?

Other ideas are signing bonuses and referral rewards. Seems simple enough…but, with the labor pool dwindling in our state, we know employers are searching for more innovative strategies to attract and retain the very best employees. When we look through the lens from an employee’s vantage point, this small labor pool issue is a good thing for them – it’s allowing them to be more demanding. Even those who like their current job and normally would not have considered looking elsewhere…may feel the urge to see what other opportunities are available.

Greater Mankato Growth and Visit Mankato have the attraction solution piece for you. If you haven’t yet heard, in November of last year we launched a go-to hub website called moremankato.com, showcasing our vibrant community with 360° virtual reality tours and photos so users can virtually immerse themselves and get a bird’s-eye view of how Mankato is a marketplace on the move and full of opportunities for a diverse group of residents and visitors alike. Give yourself a good hour and check out all the virtual tours at moremankato.com! We have something for everyone – foodies, adventure seekers, moving families and so much more.

Check out the seven retention tips from top employers here.

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