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Five Things You Need to Know About the Paycheck Protection Program

This is a guest blog post by Greater Mankato Growth member, Eide Bailly LLP.

Several relief programs are in play in an effort to combat the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and organizations. One of the key programs is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Here are five things you should know about the PPP loans.

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Webinar: The CARES Act: What does it mean for Small Businesses?

The Small Business Development Center at Minnesota State University, Mankato is hosting a live webinar about opportunities for small businesses in the CARES Act. Register to attend here:

Who is Minnesota Valley Action Council and just what is it that they do?

This is a guest blog post by Ann Macgregor from Minnesota Valley Action Council.

You have driven by our offices on Victory Dr. so you have seen the name. You may have even heard from us when we contacted you to sponsor our fundraiser Warm Your Heart and yet you still have no idea who or what we are.

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Three Key Reasons to Ensure A Full Count in the 2020 Census

The decennial census was established by Article I Section 2 of the US Constitution. The Census was first administered in 1790 and has been held every 10 years since. Responding to the Census is important for reasons other than the fact that it is required by federal law. Three key reasons are highlighted below.

Minnesota is at risk to lose a seat in the US House of Representatives

The primary and originally intended purpose of the decennial census is the apportion the representation in the US House of Representatives. While Minnesota’s above average population growth would ostensibly allow us to keep our congressional seats, we are actually growing slower than some of the fastest growing states. This means that current estimates put us between ~6,700-22,000 people shy of the mark in order to avoid losing our first congressional seat since 1963. Nearby, Iowa lost a district after the 2010 census and Wisconsin lost a district after the 2000 census. Coming as close as we can to a complete count may be the only way to maintain our current level of representation in Congress.

US Census data is a key factor used when budgeting federal programs

US Census data is also used for the distribution & budgeting of federal funding. One example of a federally funded program impacting Mankato would be the Summer Lunch Program, which is funded by the US Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program. It is estimated that roughly 1,000,000 children between the ages of 0-4 (4.6% of the total population that age) were not counted in the 2010 Census. Achieving an accurate count of our 0-4 year olds could be imperative to ensuring that the school district receives adequate funding to continue this program.

Census data is important when businesses are making decisions

When businesses are looking to expand to the area, Greater Mankato Growth is frequently a first stop where they can get the data they need to make an informed decision. Existing businesses also come to us for data to make decisions regarding growth, wages, and to learn about the regional labor shed. While many of Greater Mankato Growth’s resources don’t come directly from the US Census, virtually all of them start with US Census Data, and use statistical analysis and/or original research to extrapolate from there.

The following is a guest blog post submitted by Greater Mankato Growth member, Lori Creighton of Homestead Media, LLC. The blog post is about how employee testimonials can help with the recruitment process.

Are you part of a Greater Mankato member business and have an interest in writing a guest blog for us? Send 500-800 words to or reach out to Greater Mankato Growth with further questions.

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A Glance at the Major Ransomware Attacks that hit Healthcare Sector in 2019

The following article was submitted by Sean Dahlman from Greater Mankato Growth member business, Pantheon Computers. It is about cyber security and how it relates specifically to the healthcare sector.
Are you part of a Greater Mankato member business and have an interest in writing a guest blog for us? Send 500-800 words to or reach out to Greater Mankato Growth with further questions.

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Your Personal MBA Event

Our partners at the Southern Minnesota Area Human Resource Association (SMAHRA) are hosting an event titled Your Personal MBA: Understanding Business Functions & Business Acumen Part 1 and are opening the event to GMG members to attend. You can view the event flyer below for additional details.


Phishing Attacks Are Getting Smarter – Here’s How to Avoid Them:

The following article was submitted by Sean Dahlman from GMG member business, Pantheon Computers. It’s provides information on how to avoid “phishing”, which is a type of cybercrime used to gain sensitive data by posing as a legitimate sender in emails.
Are you part of a Greater Mankato member business and have an interest in writing a guest blog for us? Send 500-800 words to or reach out to Greater Mankato Growth with further questions.

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Modernizing Employee Benefits

The business world continues to evolve and modernize at a rapid pace. One area this is evident in is a company’s benefits for their employees. Most people expect the usual allowance of vacation time and some health insurance for example. But companies these days are becoming more creative and empathetic when it comes to employee benefits and they can be a great way to entice potential workers. Here are a few things you might want to suggest or implement in your workplace:

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Connecting Minnesota Manufacturers

The MN Supplier Match is an initiative of the Minnesota Chamber’s Grow Minnesota!® program, seeking to highlight and expand Minnesota’s robust supply chain, increasing business-to-business activity in the state.

MN Supplier Match creates value for Minnesota businesses who want the advantages of sourcing from local suppliers: accessibility, short lead-times, shared networks, and trusted quality. It creates value for suppliers looking for new business opportunities with Minnesota-based customers. And it creates value for the Minnesota economy by keeping more dollars in the state and making our suppliers and buyers more competitive. Read More

How do you choose the holidays that your business commemorates?

The following is a guest blog post authored by Diane Dobitz and Briana Baker who are members of the Mankato Indigenous Peoples Day Committee. Their post is a continuation of Scot Zellmer’s post “On Being A Successful Business in an Ever Changing World” and speaks to the importance of commemorating (and not celebrating) Indigenous Peoples Day on October 14th, 2019.

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On Being a Successful Business in an Everchanging World

bison.jpgThe following is a guest blog post authored by Scot Zellmer. Scot is one of the organizers that worked on behalf of adoption and recognition by the City of Mankato of Indigenous Peoples Day. His post speaks to the importance of ensuring our community adopts a “wide range of inclusive and affirming business practices” in order to attract and retain the talent we’ll need to fuel our economy. Read More