Easy Branding Strategies to Integrate into your Busy Non-Profit Organization


Source: thenextweb.com

Whether your organization or business is a staff of one or hundreds, branding is an important element that makes your organization stand out and gives it credibility, but often is one of the last things on your list. It’s considered or thought of as a “nice to have”, or if in place already, not refreshed or promoted often. Branding is vitally important because it “socializes” your organizations, it ensures people trust and are comfortable with what you do and also helps them remember you, keeping what you do and why you do it at the top of mind. Branding should represent your vision, mission and values clearly to your audience. Continue reading “Easy Branding Strategies to Integrate into your Busy Non-Profit Organization”

Greater Mankato’s “coming out” party

We all know about the great growth and vitality the area has seen in recent years. Now we’re going to share it with the rest of the state in our first ever Twin Cities area summit on development. On Oct. 14, area leaders and commercial real estate professionals will be talking up the opportunity to do business in our area at the Mankato Real Estate Investment and Development seminar held by the Minnesota Real Estate Journal. The seminars are attended by real estate brokers and developers from around the state as part of their continuing education requirements. Attendance can range from 75 to 600. We’re hoping for something in between.

Here’s the link for more information: http://bit.ly/1JGFADP It’s a little outdated as some speakers have been switched around.

North Mankatoans deserve the credit

The editorial in the August 19, 2015 Free Press was spot on in extolling the virtues of collaboration rather than confrontation. Collective energy is far more powerful than self-centered dysfunctional operations. Characteristics of both community and personal families are similar and the results can attest to the power of overcoming adversity or rising to new heights when everyone pulls together. The edit could have added that it was the North Mankatoans themselves who wanted to join the greater community. Their leadership listened, engaged and actively participated to make this a greater region for all. This is not typical of U.S. communities in most regions and we should take pride in that differentiation. Regardless of what we face in the future, we are better off with all oars stroking at the same time and heading in the same direction.