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North Mankatoans deserve the credit

The editorial in the August 19, 2015 Free Press was spot on in extolling the virtues of collaboration rather than confrontation. Collective energy is far more powerful than self-centered dysfunctional operations. Characteristics of both community and personal families are similar and the results can attest to the power of overcoming adversity or rising to new heights when everyone pulls together. The edit could have added that it was the North Mankatoans themselves who wanted to join the greater community. Their leadership listened, engaged and actively participated to make this a greater region for all. This is not typical of U.S. communities in most regions and we should take pride in that differentiation. Regardless of what we face in the future, we are better off with all oars stroking at the same time and heading in the same direction.

Welcome to the Greater Mankato Growth Blog!

As the regional chamber of commerce and economic development organization we are committed to advancing business for a stronger community. The posts you’ll find on this site come from our staff authors and span our organizations different areas of focus.

As an organization, Greater Mankato Growth exists to intentionally develop the regional center by promoting, supporting and serving as a catalyst for economic development. We do this through our four strategic areas of focus: business growth and development; talent growth, retention and attraction; regional livability and advocacy of the marketplace.

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Labor Force Projections

GMG has put together labor force projections out to 2045! Its based upon a 45 minute drive time from the urban center of Greater Mankato.  Click on the graph to see how we’re going to grow by nearly 25,000 people in the next 30 years.Population Growth in Greater Mankato Labor Shed

Women in Ag

Hey we found this great article about agribusiness and the key roles women play in it today. Check out the article from MN Dept. of Economic Development below:

Check out for yourself why Greater Mankato is the Way to Grow!

Have you had a chance to check out the community video “Greater Mankato: The Way to Grow”? This five minute video gives a great glimpse into just some of the reasons why Greater Mankato is the Way to Grow. Ranked #3 in the nation on Forbes 2014 list of Best Small Places for Business & Careers and 8th in the nation for Work – Life Balance according to it’s no wonder that Greater Mankato is a great place to live, work and play!

Our first REDA annual report is out

A recap of a year’s work with the GMG’s Regional Economic Development Alliance has been published in our first annual report. ED nerds take notice – lots of data