GMG Endorses School Operating Referendum

PA LogoDear Member:

As you have likely heard, the Mankato Area Public Schools are asking voters this November 7 to approve a referendum that will renew, and increase, an expiring operating levy. This proposal would call for increasing the District’s operating levy by $365 per student, from $784 to $1,149.

As the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Organization serving the region, Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is focused on promoting the economic growth and vitality of our regional marketplace through effective community and business development initiatives. After careful consideration, GMG has decided to actively endorse the Mankato Area Public School’s proposed operating referendum. I wanted to notify you of this action before it went public and provide you with a summary of the process and rationale the organization considered in making the decision that the school’s proposed operating referendum is essential to the continued economic vitality of Greater Mankato. Continue reading “GMG Endorses School Operating Referendum”

School Board Candidate Profiles Now Online

voting2Did you know there is an election this year? On November 7, 2017 voters in our area will be asked to select candidates to serve on the School Board for the Mankato Area Public Schools. This body is responsible for the education of our most valuable asset – our children – and for responsibly managing nearly $100 million in your taxpayers dollars. It’s critical that you exercise your right to vote in this important election.

But how are you supposed to know which candidate to vote for? Greater Mankato Growth is here to help! Profiles of candidates running for School Board for the Mankato Area Public Schools are now available online on Greater Mankato Growth’s election website Continue reading “School Board Candidate Profiles Now Online”