The Workforce Series (2): Hiring Refugees & Asylees

workforce blog seriesAs part of the Greater Mankato Growth Talent Initiative, GMG is publishing a guest blog series highlighting the programs, tools and resources that are available in our marketplace. This series can serve as a catalog or library for businesses to address workforce issues. 

Refugees & Asylees Have The Right To Work

Written by: Margo Druschel: Associate Director, Minnesota Council of Churches

Refugees and Asylees Have the Right to Work…but it can be complicated for employers and individuals to understand the documents that the government provides and uses for the I-9.

The Refugee Employment Services staff of the Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services Office would like to offer some answers to FAQs and to offer ourselves as resources.  We recently attended a workshop offered by the US Department of Justice Immigrant and Employee Rights Section of the Office for Civil Rights, where many questions were answered. Continue reading “The Workforce Series (2): Hiring Refugees & Asylees”